The singer you don’t want to hear

Profile Information

Profile Name: Littlewood
Sex: Male
Location: Lagos State
Age: 1,996
Additional Skills: Dancing, Singing, Script writing, Mimicry, Voice Dubbing, and Writing

Tell us about yourself

Was born in Anambra state, Nigeria. Into a divorced/ separated family. Music was my solace. It helped me cry and gave me a reason to be happy. I started singing at a very tender age, most especially from listening to Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Jim cliff, Micheal Bolton, Whitney Houston and the likes, also watching movies like sound of music, shiti shiti bang bang, wizard of oz and Evita etc. Most especially it was a getaway from the divorce agony and whenever my tender self compared other families with our family. I decided I would be a musician while I was in secondary school and I needed to sing better, so I started coaching myself with tips I saw online, downloaded or got many songs of different genre and started trying to sing the songs the exact way it was sang. Let me not bore u farther, music was my getaway,is  my heart, My nerves and the main thing that keeps me happy. And I would want u to relax and be my audience.


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