Performer(singer/song writer,Actor,spokesperson)

Profile Information

Profile Name: Deloye
Sex: Male
Location: Lagos State
Age: 1,995
Additional Skills: Short Film Shooting, Comedy, and Dialog Delivery

Tell us about yourself

I am Deloye Dotun, I hail from osun State Nigeria, an ambivert by temperament, gemini,I have been influenced by artistes such as Brandy,smokie norful, Whitney Houston, uncle Charlie,Kim burell, awilo and actors such as will Smith, Derek Luke,Tyler Perry. I have headlined shows along side artistes like Waje,Eva,bez, Mike abdul and worked with artistes like Tim Godfrey,co writing some of the songs on the soon to come Tim Godfrey & sound check album. I have also been privileged to perform for dignitaries like wole soyinka and the governor. I am a natural at cooking and counseling as well,I love water (beach vibes) and the movies.


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