Profile Information

Profile Name: Izaga
Sex: Male
Location: Lagos State
Age: 24
Additional Skills: Short Film Shooting and Comedy

Tell us about yourself

Being an unemployed graduate has its highs and lows, and I've been able to gather few advantages which has given me a different mirror and possibly an edge to view the world. This has angered me towards personal growth on and off my talent field; which has also seen me fight and strive for personal development.

My name Ifediba Daniel, 25 years and a Holder in Accounting, upon finishing school, I automatically thought I was going to be another Chattered Accountant on the street, don't get me wrong, it's a very good profession but I had little or no interest for that, and then I knew it was all down to what I could do best without a drop of sweat, which is acting, I might not be the best but I am for sure the best at what I can do and no one does acting the way I do it,. This is me, acting is my bae which is why I am and will be able to give everything because to me, it's everything.


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